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All-inclusive Sri Lanka Tourism app now ready.

August 11, 2020

Sri Lanka Tourism is happy to confirm that the all-inclusive Sri Lanka Tourism app is now ready and awaiting authorization from the Immigration and Emigration Department to be linked with the online visa process.

We have now prepared the Cabinet paper required for the app to be authorized along with the online visa procedure. It will be one of the first Cabinet papers by Sri Lanka Tourism for the new Cabinet of Ministers,” Sri Lanka Tourism Chairperson Kimarli Fernando stated. 

Version Zero of the travel app is being developed with funding from the UNDP and it will be upgraded to allow tourists to have all the necessary information required to get around the island.

She further pointed out that they had looked at all the top travel apps in the world and their features were being incorporated into the Sri Lanka Tourism app.

This will really help us in tracking down the movements of the travellers entering the country post COVID-19. Although no decision has been made yet on the exact date of the reopening of the airport, there were several procedures that needed to be addressed and now almost all had been sorted out” she added.