Developing Planning

The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) is committed to developing the current and potential new markets. Together with the Sri Lankan Government and the local and international media partners, the SLTDA offers investors various attractive and feasible trade support schemes and business opportunities.

Currently, a strategic medium-term (10 years) infrastructure and product planning and development plan has been implemented for the tourism industry. This strategic plan is based on the market demand for high and mid-end markets. The plan hopes to gain profitability through better yields, sustain the integrity and value of Sri Lanka's natural, cultural and human resources, and to ensure the optimum visitor experiences. The SLTDA hopes that the benefits of the strategic plan will accrue to all communities who are connected with the tourism industry.

New Strategic Development Plan for Sri Lanka Tourism

A transformation of the tourism industry is required to make Sri Lanka competitive in the global travel market place. This is the context and rationale for this Tourism strategic plan (Tsp),which recommends actions and implementation mechanisms for the next four years, with a long-term view toward Tourism Vision 2025 and achieving the united nations (un) sustainable development goals.

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Strategic Plan 2017


Strategic Plan 2017


Strategic Plan 2017


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