Sequence of the Investment Process

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All tourism projects and mixed development projects with tourism components are mandatory to route through the SLTDA-IRU project approving process.

First, you may request for pre-application discussion to obtain clear understanding about the project approving process specific to your project in order to avoid any obstacles or confusions in the long run. The environmental clearance, building approvals by Urban Development Authority (UDA) or Local Authorities and approvals from other agencies should be done after SLTDA’s Preliminary Clearance process. IRU staff will guide you and facilitate through the entire process until the project is successfully implemented. In addition, the friendly and experienced staff at IRU are ready to assist you improve your proposal aligning with sustainability concepts with value-additions.

Submission of completed application to IRU-SLTDA :

After the pre-application discussion, you may submit the completed application form together with all required documents to IRU. You now have the convenience of paying the processing fees applicable to SLTDA, Urban Development Authority, Central Environmental Authority and Coast Conservation and Coastal Resources Management Department to the SLTDA bank account. IRU will arrange transferring the fee with an official communication to respective agencies.

Referring the project to all relevant Government agencies by IRU :

After the pre-evaluation process of IRU, your project will be referred to all relevant government agencies for approvals and we will be coordinating the entire process on behalf of you.

Joint site inspection & Scoping Committee Meeting and issuance of Preliminary Clearance (PC) :

A joint site inspection and a Scoping Committee Meeting will be arranged by IRU to evaluate the project together with all project approving agencies and then a “Preliminary Clearance” letter with written instructions on the way forward with regard to environmental and other clearances will be issued up to the issuance of Development Permit by UDA or Local Authority.

Environmental Approval and other relevant approvals :

IRU will coordinate with agencies to obtain all approvals from respective agencies on behalf of you. We expect cooperation from technical teams of your project to work with IRU staff to make these approvals happen without delay.

The environment approval will be decided according to the location, scale of the project or the type of the project.

Development Permit (Building Plan approval) :

IRU will check the final architectural drawings to ensure compliance with all relevant guidelines and regulations prior to submitting them to the Development Permit to Urban Development Authority or Local Authority. You may apply to the Development Permit with all approvals received by this time to UDA or to Local Authority (Depending on the location of the project – urban or non-urban).

Final Approval by SLTDA :

After receiving Development Permit SLTDA will issue the “Final Approval” to your project which permits you to go ahead with implementation/construction. This process will take only 1 week from the Development Permit.

Please contact IRU to schedule a pre-application discussion to obtain a clear understanding of the process.

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