Fee Structure

Investors are required to make only two payments to UNIT:

This includes the following:

a) Application processing fee of One-Stop unit.

b) Fee for common inspection.

c) UDA planning Clearance fee

d) CCD Permit fee (If applicable)

e) CEA ER fee ( If applicable)

This does not include the followings:

a) Administrative charges for EIA / IEER


  1. The fee for processing your application, SLR. 350,000+ relevant taxes for the minimum investment of SLR 50 million or above. All other investments will be charged SLR. 125,000 + relevant taxes.

    The appropriate fee or the minimum of Rs. 350,000 as applicable will be charged at the time of granting SLTDA preliminary approval.


Taxes Levied

Minimum Fixed Investments - SLRS Corporate tax exemption Exemption from customers duty - Only Under BOI Deferment of Value Added Tax - 12% (VAT)
50 million - 100 million 04 Years

Importation of Project Related Capital goods - during implementation period as approved by the BOI

The VAT payable on important of capital goods is deferred by the Inland Revenue Dept. on request until the project implementation is completed and treated as exempted on completion within the scheduled implementation period

100 million - 200 million 05 Years
200 million - 500 million 06 Years
500 million - 700 million 07 Years
700 million - 1000 million 08 Years
1000 million - 1500 million 09 Years
1500 million - 2500 million 10 Years
Above 2500 million 12 Years